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We have a vision. We want to make a difference. In a world filled with mediocrity, we strive to provide superior quality furnishings for meetings and events. We believe in being thorough and in listening to our clients. We want your event to stand out in a class of it’s own.

We believe that such events are possible by offering superior design, outstanding quality and strict attention to detail. We challenge ourselves where things seem impossible, and by doing so we achieve your goals and create the smiles, which are the reason we are in this business.

We will always be inventive. We will reach far to produce unique and superior highly designed products because our customers value quality and distinction.

We will stay ahead, because you expect us to.

Our event furniture rental company hires a complete range of bespoke items for any event hire. We are located in London, Manchester and in Miami. Our furniture hire, or furniture rental line is perfect for any event ranging from sophisticated weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate event hire, social events, industry events, hotel event furniture rental, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, or personal parties, to name just a few.

We offer exceptional pricing, which is more than competitive. We are happy to customize items, and quotations to suit your needs.

We are very design and quality based and do not compromise our standards of excellence. Our furniture is unique and of the best quality in both London, Manchester and Miami. Rental furniture or hire furniture is all we do so our focus is always fine tuned and quality furniture is what we are so well know for.

Rental furniture is a unique type of furniture and logistics are very important. Because furniture hire is all we do, and event furniture hire is what we focus on, we understand our clients needs and are able to support them in London, Manchester and Miami as the go to, hassle free, furniture rental or furniture hire company in the industry. We deliver our event furniture not only in London or Manchester area but all over United Kingdom and Europe, as well not only in Miami or South Florida but all over Florida and United States to accommodate our clients need and requirements.

You want a wedding chair, a corporate meeting chair, a garden furniture, a dining table, a bar, a drinks trolley, a lectern, a sofa,…… you name it, we have everything you need to hire or rent for any type of event. Call us for a customized quote, a price list, a rental agreement, a furniture hire list or anything else you may need.

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